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Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the World Reacts


I’m definitely pro-Obama, but I never heard of anyone getting a prestigious award such as the Nobel Prize over optimistic talk and forecasting positive international relations, without concrete results.  This may come back and bite somebody in the ass, but I can’t figure out  who yet.

Hit the link to see what the World thinks.

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Manhunt On For ‘Catch Me If You Can Thief’.18 Year Old Has Stolen Everything From Boats To Planes,Has Over 2600 Facebook Fans


Colton Harris-Moore- also called “Colt”- is known as the “Barefoot Burglar” because he tends to go pillaging shoeless.

Colt’s been breaking into vacation homes and watercraft for years, and recently moved up to plane theft. Harris-Moore is 18, but he’s been tangling with the police since he was 12. He’s currently wanted for stealing and crashing some small planes (he taught himself to fly via manuals and simulators), as well as dozens of burglaries in Washington state.

I got an opinion on this, but I will hold for awhile

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