Trademark Da SkyDiver – Issue #2: Supervillain

I’ve been waiting on this for a minute now.  I’m still bumping Issue #1

01. Opening Credits
02. Dead Fool
03. High Life (feat. Smoke DZA)
04. Ova ‘N Out (feat. Curren$y)
05. SuperVillian
06. Oxygen
07. N.O. & N.Y. (feat. Hybrid)
08. Techno-Flo (feat. Fortunate Ones)
09. Lameguage
10. M.C. & F.W. (feat. Dee-Low)
11. Flash (feat. Street Wiz)
12. 10th Wonder
13. Pre-Roasted (feat. Curren$y)
14. 15¢ (feat. Young Roddy & Nesby Phips)
15. Closing Credits

Download: Trademark Da SkyDiver – Issue #2: Supervillain


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