Happy Birthday Chad Butler aka Pimp C

One my favorite Southern Rappers of All-Time.  I remember growing up as a youth in Mound Bayou Mississippi, riding bikes with my best friend James M. and his older brothers and friends would be in front of the house washing their cars bumping the album ‘Too Hard Too Swallow”.  I would always ask them what they were listening to and they would say I was too young to listen to that type of music.  At the time they were right!  I came to find out later in my youth that it was UGK (Bun-B & Pimp C).  I have followed the group & solo projects ever since.  The two things that I remember most about Pimp C, was the story of how he didn’t want to do the track with Jay-Z -Big Pimpin.  Pimp C was worried about UGK losing their Underground sound and credibility by crossing over to mainstream and being all over BET & MTV.  Well he was wrong because no matter how many plays the video got on MTV and BET.  Pimp C of UGK always keep the music 100.  Also if you have never been to Houston, Texas has I have yet to go…. listening to Wood Wheel made you feel like you were right there riding a slab, with a fif’ wheel, and candy paint dripping.  Little do some of his fans know that Pimp C produced a lot tracks for UGK using original instruments and also sang on a handful of them too.  When music today gets boring and unoriginal I can always bump some UGK to keep me grounded!

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