Bodied-Up-Monsta: Vanessa Veasley

If Vanessa looks familiar you’ve probably seen her in a magazine(Smooth, King, XXL) or in a video(Kanye West: Amazing, Lil Wayne: Lollipop, UGK ft. OutKast: International Players Anthem). But please don’t write her off as a video vixen you’ll likely see her hosting a show or starring in a movie or two sooner than later. I’d love to see a Playboy feature ;) . I think I’ve talked enough I’m sure most of you skipped straight to the pics anyway (can’t blame you) so just enjoy. Also as you saw last time these ladies are definitely watching so while your spiking my server with all the downloads take a second and comment below to show Vanessa some appreciation!

Hit the link for more images of this Bodied Up Monsta!

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