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Young Money – Thinking To Myself (LQ)


This track is pretty tuff.  I’m assuming this is older since Nicki Minaj isn’t rapping like a crackhead.

Young Money – Thinking To Myself

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DJ MoonDawg Interviews Chi-Town’s DJ Sean Mac

sean mac

Dj Sean Mac has the best charisma, mouthpiece on the mic, and marketing scheme of any DJ in “Da Go”.  I remember watching this dude 5 years ago rip thru 15 Jigga songs in two minutes.  DJ Sean Mac gets alot of beef for his DJ style on the CDJ 1000’s but my dude still rips clubs up all week and gives the people what they want.

DJ MoonDawg Interviews DJ Sean Mac

Thanks to FakeShoreDrive

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Yours Truly, Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing elaborating on the inspirations behind Drift, which is increasingly looking top five for the year. I recommend listening at 35,000 feet at 3 a.m with a pair of steroid-strong headphones and zonked on a quart of red wine. Yours Truly also captures Jason Chung rocking his tracks live with surprising style and flair (37-plus pieces).  A long feature on the backwards spelling beatmaker is coming soon. In the meantime, another cut fromDrift and a Boris remix that the Alpha Pup-signed artist recently did for a Scion-sponsored comp. What more could you ask for?

Download: Nosaj Thing – “IOIO”

Download: Nosaj Thing – Buzz In “Remix”

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